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Andaman & Nicobar Islands – The Turquoise Islands of India

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are an eternally beautiful, peaceful and enchanting group of islands – almost a dreamland (actually a dream island!). If you have seen Goa, Chennai beaches & may be some more Indian beaches across East or West Coastline of India, you have seen nothingvity is something you will never forget. Fishes, sea Anemones, Coral Andaman Tour Package for Couple Reefs, Sea Cucumbers, Clams…the list isjust can’t imagine. The vivid life of sea makes for a lifetime experience – how often do we dive into their world after all?

Nicobar island is equally beautiful, with an added attraction of the tribals that have inhabited the jungles of this island. A host of various tribals have inhabited these islands. One must take help of local guides while visiting Nicobar islands, as tribals are a protected under Government Laws.

About it: A&N islands are a group of around 360 smaller islands, in the Bay of Bengal

Getting there: Flights / Ship from Kolkata and Chennai

Climate: Tropical

Best months to visit: November to May

Accomodation: Complete info of Hotels is available on internet, but one may prefer Light House Residency for its affordability, proximity to jetty and amazing food.

Food: Veg food easily available, Heaven for Sea-food foodies, Anything that you desire to eat is available (Yes getting a hot cup of tea made from fresh milk is quite a problem, so either opt for regular skimmed milk or go without it.

Stock up on: Sun Blocks, Shorts, Slippers, Goggles, Small handy bag, Cap & Lots of Enthusiasm

Must see Places: Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Havelock Island (worlds’ 7th best beach Radhanagar beach & Elephant beach for snorkeling), North Bay, Ross Island, Viper Islands, Wandoor Beach, Cinque Islands. Also see the sound and light show of Cellular Ja

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