Bigg Boss 4 TRPS Rise With Dolly Bindra’s Entry

Dolly Bindra is rocking Bigg Boss and TRPs are soaring. The Shweta Tiwari-Dolly Bindra argument was in bad taste to Bigg Boss 16 Watch Online  the housemates but it registered a record breaking TRP score of 6. 82. It seems that people had told each other to watch that particular episode and the show boosted a significant TRP. Dolly’s non-conformist, rigid attitude and loud, boisterous behavior is obviously, not appreciated in the house but it definitely has proved to be a backhanded lift to Bigg Boss as it has managed to topple KBC from its number one slot.Bigg Boss 14 finale winner to be Rubina Dilaik, Rahul Vaidya can spoil her party: Past contestants share predictions | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

The show which started off as low key was overshadowed by KBC, the popular game show by superstar Amitabh Bachchan for a moment before Bigg Boss swung back into action with the entry of Dolly Bindra in the show. Dolly Bindra’s ire against Shweta Tiwari and her estranged husband Raja Chaudhary goes back to 2005 when he had allegedly slapped her in a party. This was what happened in 2005. But she seems to be bringing that episode to the house in these days.

Also the atmosphere is pretty tense in the house and there are a lot of skeletons tumbling out of the closet as Ashmit has come to know about the truth of what happens behind his back.. No one can be trusted, is what most inmates in the house are learning. The most powerful reality show in India is also going to incorporate more spice by introducing Ali Khan, who is fiance of Sara Khan, who had been seen getting close to Ashmit Patel. And they are also trying to rope in Raja Chaudhary (who himself was in Bigg Boss 2) and his girlfriend Shraddha Sharma. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss is topping the TRPs of Indian television with this amazing turnaround of affairs.

Bollywood stars today are no longer happy to just stay on the big screen. Many have also tried their luck on the small screen with great success. Besides acting in TV series and judging shows, they have also tried their hand at hosting shows. Their onscreen popularity translates into instant buzz and business.

It has become a recent trend in Bollywood for many A-list actors to appear on the small screen. These stars are being seen more on reality and performance shows than on TV serials. Their visibility on these shows enhances profits and viewership for channels and the stars in turn reach out to a bigger audience.

Salman Khan who has hosted quite a few editions of Bigg Boss hosted the seventh edition of Bigg Boss too. It became a major hit in India and raked up many controversies that made headlines.

To Salman, a Tv show gives a chance for the audience to see the actors in a completely different light, a far cry from their characters in Bollywood movies. “For any actor, the real heroes are his fans. So, by doing a Tv show, my audiences get to see the real Salman. Isn’t this (TV) a better reward for me? ” he said. Sana Khan, one of the contestants in Bigg Boss 6, bagged a major role in Salman’s upcoming movie Jai Ho. Her spat with a rival contestant won Salman’s heart. When Salman was looking for an innocent yet aggressive character in Jai Ho he felt that Sana would fit the bill.

Amitabh Bachchan hosted the mega game show Kaun Banega Crorepati which went on to create history on the small screen. There were impulsive reactions to the show and it grabbed even more eyeballs when for the first time a female was handed the crorepati title.

Television has become so big that Bollywood’s superstar Shah Rukh Khan admits that an actor’s success today is not measured merely by box office profits, but his association with a Tv show. “Today stardom is not about awards and box office numbers, but about who has a bigger Tv show. So i am trying to do something. I have told Punit and the Zee family to look out for something for me, ” the actor said.

Shah Rukh started his career on the small screen with the show Fauji followed by Circus in 1989. “The TV audience is very big and I also started with TV and I respect the medium a lot. Television is a great platform for every actor and actress. I would love to participate in it whenever given a chance, ” he added.

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