Cat Tricks – You’re on Your Way to a Prize Kitten

Have you questioned if you can teach your pussy tricks? The thought didn’t really cross my mind. I am a pussy owner, and I am quite enamored of my moggy. In any argument I might quickly say that my pussy is smarter than a dog, but I continue to let my expectations about moggies keep me from seeing the chance of my moggy learning tricks. My cat is smart. My pussy is skilled. My moggy developed intellectually and physically, and I have lately learned that due to these good qualities my pussy is kind of capable of learning tricks.

As I’m sure you guessed, I was extremely excited to learn this about my cat. Dogs are often taught dog tricks, and due to issues with dog dominance dogs are more often and at length trained than moggies are anyhow. Dogs exist in a hierarchical society, and it is vital for safety a human establishes dominance in a human/dog relationship. Because of this need and the fact that dogs sometimes need more potty training than moggies, dogs tend to get coaching loads more than moggies do. This leads many moggy owners, like me, to suspect that training a pussy or teaching a pussy tricks is needless. ( I also have  pussy888 a tendency to suspect that dog owners have more of a need to show off their dog and their dog tricks more than moggy owners. Teaching a moggy tricks is a healthy exercise for your moggy both mentally and physically. If your pussy is a little fat, teach him some tricks. If your cat seems to be losing her psychological capacities, start teaching your pussy tricks! Even better for people who have moggies with behaviour issues ( scratching up your furniture, biting, jumping off shelves and attacking you ), teaching your pussy tricks can improve behaviour issues. It seems to me that all around teaching a cat tricks will enhance your cat’s lifestyle and future.

Now that you know the advantages, I’ll share with you the fundamentals of cat training. Remember that your pussy will wish to have a reward for doing something cool. You need to repeat the same action many times in a brief period of time so that your pussy will have a strong association between your command, the action, and the reward. You must also recognize that you can’t change your moggy’s behaviour all at once. Either teach your moggy to associate your command with an action that she already performs, or manipulate an already present behavior by changing it with baby steps.


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