Classroom Technology: Useful for All

Technologies in classrooms

Nowadays with growing technology, it is necessary for the educational institutions to establish their classrooms with latest technology to enhance the quality of learning. If students become more active and take interest in their studies, development in their studies is the result. Classroom technology is nothing but building classrooms with advanced technology like inserting smart boards, providing staff and students with computers, printers, secure network connection etc.

Technological terms for teachers

First of all, the main ingredient to enhance the student’s capability of learning is a teacher. So appoint the faculty who has enough knowledge about his/her subject and also up-to-date about the latest technology which is implemented in the class room. If not, let them to learn the technologies, its functionalities and features etc.

Implementing mobile computing system will benefit the students. Provide the staff with laptop computers so that they could communicate with their students at any time and solve their doubts. Use presentation tools like smart board or IWB in the class rooms for teaching.

Also try to use power point presentation or other presentation applications where you could explain your concepts in bulletin points or numbering. This way of teaching would make learning easy to understand even if the concept is complex. You could also highlight the important notes.

Now, let’s see the facility that needs to be provided for the students.

Technological terms for students

First thing, provide them with computers and enable secure internet connection so that it would be easy for them to communicate with their teachers. Even www that is World Wide Web is very well-known and very useful. There are many search engines in which you could search for any information and get the solution. It is very helpful for students when they want to do assignments or project.

Some students may need hard copy of the lessons taken in the class for reference. So provide them with printers.

Technological tools for classrooms

Graphic calculator

Another classroom technology is graphing calculator in which the students can calculate complex mathematical problems within a few minutes. The students do not need to interpolate or extrapolate for 智慧教室 answers and struggle.

RSS Feed

Sharing information is the greatest way of enhancing your knowledge. So let the students create blogs online using internet and discuss the lessons with each other. Moreover the students should be allowed to do syndication which allows for information to be gathered by a user in a central location rather than searching and struggling for long time. Teacher and students could enable RSS feed for particular project or unit in order to stay connected with each other and share their views.



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