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Essential Guidelines When Using Chakra Meditation

There are many different kinds of meditation techniques out there and one of these is the chakras meditation. Meditation chakras use special points within the center of the body, which control certain areas. When used modern witch store properly, this kind of meditation can be a powerful tool to heal illness, diseases of the body, but also the promote overall well being. For many however they don’t know the first thing about Chakras, or using them in meditation, so here are a few essential guidelines to help you with this kind of meditation.

The first thing you really need to do is familiarize yourself with what Chakras are in order to understand the power of this meditation. There are seven chakras that run up the spine, from the base of the spine to the top of the head. The word chakra means wheel of light, so if you could actually see them, they would be seven light wheels centered in the middle of the body.

While the subject of what chakras are and what each wheel represents would take more time that we have here, here are the basics. The first chakra is called Muladhara, the root chakra, and it is found at the base of the spine, near the tail bone. This is represented by the color red. It is the chakra that grounds us to mother Earth. This is the chakra that helps us manifest things in the real world.

The second chakra is the Svadisthana, or sacral chakra. It is positioned just two in below the belly button, and is represented by the color orange. This is where creativity is located. This chakra is the emotional center of the body. The third chakra is the Manipura chakra, the solar plexus. It is found just below the breast bone, centered behind the stomach. This is where ego, passions, as well as anger are located. This is also where you are receptive to spiritual guides and psychic development.

Anahata is the fourth chakra, found behind the breastbone, near the shoulder blades. This is the heart chakra, and is represented in green. It is the center of spirituality, compassion and love. It also connects the mind and body. The throat chakra, the fifth is called Vishudda, or throat chakra, and is found at the base of the neck. It’s color is light blue. This is where communication, speech, writing and even sounds are located. The Sixth chakra is called the Ajna, or the third eye. This si found just above the eyes, in the center of the forehead. This wheel is indigo, and is where intuition, spiritual energy and psychic abilities are located. The seventh chakra, Shasrara is the crown chakra, right at the top of your head. This is represented by the color voilet. This is where you dynamic thoughts, energy, and enlightenment are located.

Essentially the different chakras represent different parts of your body, and just like the physical parts of your body, they can become out of alignment. Concentration on one thing over all else can focus energy more on one chakra than another, and basically throw the others out of alignment. While these are a spiritual manifestation, they do have a lot to do with controlling the physical world of your body. Too much energy in one chakra can cause problems, some of which you may not even be aware of. For an example, let’s take the root chakra, Muladhara. This is where you experience fears. A lot of energy is used in the negative emotion, which can throw this chakra out of whack. This means that you would have an excessive amount of fear, but this also depletes energy from the other six. If you body’s chakras are out of alignment, you can experience anything from unknown anxieties, body aches and pains, or even mental illness.

One the other hand, having an aligned chakra energy will give you a greater sense of well being, of being able to accomplish anything you set in front of you, and can help keep physical illnesses away, because the mind, the spirit and the body are attune to one another.

So by using chakras meditation you have a powerful tool to help you keep centered, and focused. It connects you to the heavens, but also keeps you grounded. Using meditation chakras to keep your whole being in tune, you can heal yourself physically, as well as mentally. You can find out much more about this kind of meditation from a variety of sources. You can go online, or if you have a metaphysical store in your area, you can find books, charts and more guidelines there.

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