Evidence of Internet Sex Addiction in Dharamshala Evaluations

The facts about Internet sex addictions are alarming. It would appear that it’s becoming epidemic. It’s destroying our families and everyone would agree our children should not be exposed to it.
A recent study indicates one-third of divorce litigation is caused by online affairs.

Statistics show more than 72, 000 sexually explicit sites on the web and an estimated 266 new porn sites being added each day. These sites alone generate a revenue of $1 billionIndependent escort in Dharamshala dollars each year.

According to an MSNBC survey one in 10 respondents said they are addicted to sex and the Internet, according to an online survey of 38, 000 Internet users.

For the most part the internet has been an anonymous haven for pornography. Until recently it was very difficult to gather evidence about Internet sex addictions. Most people keep their addiction to online porn a secret or at least they try. It was only by chance that their porn addiction was exposed. Yet even if the secret did slip out it was rare that evidence for use in court could be gathered in a manner that would be accepted in a court of law.

Today there are private investigators that specialize in obtaining evidence of online perversions and Internet sex addictions. These investigators can take a persons email address and locate secret online personal ads. Membership to online swinger clubs, secret Myspace pages and memberships to online communities devoted to escort services and their clients. They can even locate porn site memberships a person has.

Their investigation can be documented and reduced to a written report to be used in a court hearing or custody evaluation. This kind of evidence can be overwhelming in court. In fact this evidence can be so strong that you can negotiate a settlement agreement and avoid a costly trail.

If you suspect your spice has an Internet sex addiction and you require proof you can hire a private investigator. There are many investigators that specialize in computer forensics and Internet investigations. When choosing an investigator be sure that they are qualified and considered an expert in Internet and email investigations.

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