How to Select English Bulldog Puppies?

The sweet and gentle English Bulldogs were originally found in the British Isles. They were called ‘bull’ dogs Frenchie for sale because of their connection to bull baiting. The bulldogs of the olden times were ferocious, courageous and almost immune to pain. However, when dog fights were made illegal in England, some people preserved this breed by eliminating their fierce nature. With a few generations of training, these became an ideal companion with the most agreeable disposition. Although the English Bulldog puppies showed traits of friskiness, adults are rather quiet and placid. Here are some bulldog facts to keep in mind before purchasing them.

English Bulldog Puppies: Points to Remember
Make sure that your pet does not become a burden by reading up on their essential characteristics and checking their compatibility with your lifestyle. The following may seem like irritants when you get home these puppies:

Health issues: The fact about bulldogs is that they are a deformed breed. They are vulnerable to hot, humid weather and over-exertion. Some cannot walk or run without gasping. During summers, they must preferably be kept in air-conditioned surroundings and their outdoor activities must be highly supervised. Since they have a sensitive respiratory system, anesthetics must be administered with great caution.

Shedding: Be prepared for a dirty home if you are not in the habit of thoroughly cleaning your house every day. With a Bulldog at home, be prepared to clean your home every few hours because they shed more than what is visible. Their short, coarse hair sticks to your hand even if you pet them lightly. Their hair sticks to carpets, upholstery and clothes with the same tenacity with which it performs the activities of its choice.

Cost: English Bulldogs are a bit on the expensive side, costing between $1000 and $1500. The price range covers artificial insemination and C-section costs, since this breed cannot mate without assistance and their puppies are born with excessively large heads.


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