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Intelligent Writing With a Controversial Title

As I was contemplating the best way to begin my weekly Facebook discussion boards, my uncle Mike in Chicago called me and asked me that age-old question…

Can men and women be “just friends”???

Great question.

My response:

Yes, men and women can in fact be “just friends” if they have SELF-CONTROL. Lack of SELF-CONTROL is the reason why men and woman take things past the friend’s zone. Without SELF-CONTROL it is inevitable that one person will make a move on the other. The reason the majority of our society feels that platonic relationships are some of the most challenging to maintain is because eventually, one person loses SELF-CONTROL and gives in to either the temptation, the emotional comfort they receive from the opposite sex or any of the number of reasons why men and women become romantically interested in one another.

Topic: 2 – The longer the better

Why do men prefer women with long, thick, full heads of hair over women with short or little to no hair?

Biologically, men are instinctively attracted to women through several health indicators. These health indicators include legs, butt, stomach, hip to waist ratio, breasts size and shape, clear smooth skin and long hair. The more voluptuous and sexually appealing any one of those health indicators appear, the more attracted a man will be to that particular woman.

Hair is absolutely one of the most powerful health indicators because it heavily accentuates a female’s femininity. Short hair appears too masculine; it’s too close to that of a man’s hair style. Of course there are always exceptions to this rule like Rihanna or Halle Berry, but the exceptions do not negate the rule – longer is always better.

Topic: 3 – Oral vs. Traditional

Whether you’re a man or a woman, everyone enjoys the sensuous pleasures of oral sex. Some even prefer oral sex over traditional sex. Although I cannot deny the overwhelming joy I’ve experienced through receiving oral sex – nothing, in my eyes, can replace traditional sex. A woman’s body is one of the most astounding works of art I’ve yet to come across. Sex is by far the number one pleasure of all pleasures in my life.

Which do you prefer?

Topic: 4 – “Don’t Be A Pussy.”

The phrase “Don’t be A Pussy” applies to more than just not being intimidated and abashed by attractive women. Not being a pussy  pussy888 ios is a life style – wise words to live by. The phrase “Don’t Be A Pussy” should be remembered whenever a challenging experience or opportunity presents itself.

If you’re an athlete, then not being a pussy means not being afraid to take that winning shot. If you’re a business man, then not being a pussy means not being afraid to deliver your greatest presentation to potential clients or investors. If you’re an aspiring musician, then not being a pussy means booking your first 500 audience member gig and performing your ass off.

Every day life gives us opportunities to face our fears and grow some balls. Use the phrase “Don’t Be A Pussy” to help you get through those challenging experiences and opportunities and behave as if you were already that confident, intelligent Alpha Male; that’s what it means to not be a pussy.


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