Is a Career As a Pharmacy Assistant For You?

A pharmacy is kept running smoothly by a couple of key individuals. You will find common characteristics to each position within the pharmacy. All personnel must be detail oriented, organized and able to work under pressure. Above all, great communication skills between team members is important. Besides the Pharmacist, one of the next most essential roles within the pharmacy is the Pharmacy Assistant. They support the Pharmacist and, occasionally, a Pharmacy Technician.

Job Duties of the Assistant

A Pharmacy Assistant’s primary responsibility is customer service. Much more frequently than not, the assistant is the initial person a customer meets in the pharmacy. They will listen to the customer’s requirements. The assistant will then pull the prescription, direct questions to the appropriate staff member, or give prescription orders to the Technician fulfilling the order. They are also responsible for administrative functions such as answering phones, stocking shelves, and operating cash registers.

What Skills Are Needed to Succeed?

An assistant must be able to respond to all kinds of individuals. It’s also important to maintain great listening and communication skills simply because sometimes they hgh online sales  serve as a liaison between the Pharmacist and customer. It is essential that accurate information is communicated to fill a prescription without error; the wrong drug, dosage, or wrong information might be life threatening. Because the job demands good communication between people of every age and background, the Pharmacy Assistant job best suits a “people person”.

Typical Work Locations

It is common to find Pharmacy Assistants in hospital and retail pharmacies. In smaller pharmacies, a Pharmacy Technician may assume the role of an assistant. They, consequently, work at large- to mid-size hospital or retail pharmacies.

What are the Educational or Statutory Requirements?

Most states don’t have laws or requirements to perform admin duties in a pharmacy. In other words, Assistants don’t require prior work experience or formal education. It ought to be noted, nevertheless, that employers will most likely favor those with medical understanding or work history. There are lots of courses for Pharmacy Assistants to help understand medical and pharmaceutical terminology. A clinical internship is occasionally provided with these courses.

Other Info

Employment opportunities for Pharmacy Assistants are due to increase by 25% over the next 10 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Pharmacy Assistant position is mostly an entry-level job in this industry. They are, mostly, aspiring health care workers who are practicing to become either a Pharmacy Technician or perhaps a Pharmacist.

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