Legally Watch TV Online

Strangely, many people don’t seem to appreciate the ease and joy of watching television online. They seem to think it is more difficult than it really is… or they don’t even realize that the major televisions networks now provide many of their biggest hits online through various sites and services.


Watching TV online requires accessing a website and clicking play. Many networks include the television programs right on their own websites (like, but many more are now starting to integrate all their programming with the excellent free site Hulu.

You are not downloading these television shows to watch them from your computer. You stream them through the approved websites. By stream, I mean you watch the TV show as it loads into your browser. You will not receive nor do you need a specific video file to play on your home computer.

And yet even people who understand what I’ve explained so far still haven’t gotten into enjoying television online. Why? Because they associate internet video with low quality video. They think in terms of home-made videos uploaded to YouTube.

Yet the combination of improved internet connections and improved video compression algorithms now means that you can even experience hi definition video online. These videos aren’t grainy or plagued by compression artifacts. They’re crisp and clear, sometimes significantly more clear than what you view on your old standard definition television set.

And you no longer are restricted to novelty videos from amateurs. You’ll now find full length movies and all the episodes of an entire television series available for your perusal.

So get over the fear of technology and get over your preconceived notions of what web video means. It costs nothing more than what you’re already paying for your internet connection, it gives you the ability to what watch you want where you want and it allows you to tap into a library of video far greater than your TV guide’s listings.

I hope this encourages you to watch and enjoy the internet online, freeing you from over-priced cable and inconsistent satellite service.

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