oronavirus Affecting Education Globally

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The rapid spread of the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, in many countries caused widespread school closure around the world to mitigate the development of a full-blown pandemic. This abrupt decision saved lives as it protected people from getting infected and continues to prevent more possible damages of the pandemic. However, global school karnatakastateopenuniversity.in closure greatly affects the education sector causing delays in classes and changes in the education system.

Education is an important aspect of a life and of a society. It helps a person have a better chance to compete in the workforce and a society to have better economic growth. Poor access to education leads to poverty which is why governments are working hard to deliver quality education to their constituents. This is also the reason why governments are eager to pursue schools reopening in the midst of a pandemic despite the limited preparations.

One of the options to continue education while we are still experiencing the threat of the COVID-19 is to bring education to online platforms. With the use of computers and internet connection, teachers and students can conduct classes while staying at home. This is a great alternative to traditional frontal classes as it ensures absolute social distancing which is necessary to prevent the spread of the disease. However, many students may not be able to participate in online classes because of the lack of the necessary resources. Only 60% of the global student population have access to a computer and internet connectivity. A situation that causes disadvantages to children in poverty.

Another alternative to traditional classes is modular learning systems in which teachers provide printed instructional materials with activity pages to test the students’ understanding. This also applies social distancing as teachers will spend limited time with their students. Teachers will only need to deliver the modules and assess the students at the end of every term or course. No need to gather all of the students in a crowd which can spread the disease.

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