Playing The Wheel – The Fun in Playing Roulette

The word “Roulette” is a French term meaning “small wheel”. Depending on where you are playing in Roulette you are betting on the chances of a small spun ball falling into one of 37 (for European Roulette wheels) or 38 (American Roulette wheels) slots. You can place bets on either a winning number or the color of the number the ball falls into (red/black).

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There are a number of different bets you can place when playing Roulette.

Inside bets

Inside bets for example include a straight (where you bet on one single number); a split (where you are betting on two adjoining numbers on the board); a street (where the bet is placed on three numbers in a horizontal line); a corner (a bet covering four numbers in a square layout) and a sixline which is a bet on two adjoining streets. 바카라사이트

Outside bets

Outside bets include even money bets where the bet is placed on 18 numbers indicating black or red, high or low, or even or odd numbers. Other outside bets are the group bets where the bet is placed on one of three groups of twelve numbers, or a column bet, which is where a bet in placed on all twelve numbers of three vertical lines.

The appeal of roulette

It was the great Physicist Albert Einstein who once said that there was not way to beat a Roulette table unless you stole money from it, and yet it is the apparent lack of skill needed to play this game that adds to its appeal. Many experts through the ages have tried to find ways to decrease the house advantage for the game and to predict where a ball might land after each spin, but nothing absolute that could predict this has ever been discovered to date.

Some players claim to have developed systems for winning more frequently at Roulette. These range from the reasonably simple such as betting only on red all the time, to the more complex Labouchere System, multiple betting systems, more. If you decide to only bet on red for example, for a certain number of spins (38 perhaps), then there is a point where your chances of winning is 1:1. This occurs at 19 spins out of a possible 38 spins, but even at that point of the betting system the player still only has a 37% chance of winning through the ball landing on a red slot 19 times out of 38.

The game of Roulette appeals to many people because of the possibility of winning or losing it all on the spin of a wheel. In 2004 Ashley Revell, an Englishman, sold absolutely everything he owned including his clothes and personal belongings and raised the sum of $USD135,300. He travelled to the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas and placed the whole amount on “red” on the roulette table in a double or nothing bet. The ball landed on red and the young man walked away from the table with more than $270,000. The story became international news purely and simply because there are likely to be many of us who would long to do just what Revell did, but have been too afraid of losing.


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