Precision Online Bat Shaving Service – Does it Really Make a Difference?

So you have decided to step up your game with a juiced bat and now you have some questions that you would like answered. For instance, why does a high quality juiced bat from a bat shaving service cost as mush as it does, when you can easily make one your self with a drill and barrel sanding attachment?

A Far Better Shaved bat

To begin with, you can shave your bat by yourself but it won’t come near to delivering the performance of a professional precision job. A custom on online bat shaving service uses a lathe that spins the bat, for far more even, uniform sides. Also, an online bat shaving service also offers the services of rolling your bat which will, by itself, bring a few more feet to your hits.

Weak Spots

When someone goes at a bat with a barrel sanding attachment on the end of a drill extension, the material that they shave out will be removed informasi panduan judi online in an entirely random fashion. This means that you will inevitably end up with weak spots that will shorten the lifespan of your bat.

Go With the Best

A good professionally shaved bat that is done using the latest equipment and technology can easily add roughly forty feet to your hits. This means that good outfield balls will now become home runs. Also, it only stands to reason that if you are going to go through the hassle and expense of using a shaved bat, you would only want to use the best shaved bat possible.

Receive the Recognition You Deserve

All of your competitors are now using juiced and shaved bats and this means that if you aren’t, you will be left standing at the back of the line when hitting accolades are handed out, a well done professional job from an online bat shaving service will be far more difficult to detect.

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