Review – General Electric Refrigerator With Its Inbuilt GE Water Filter

GE produces a wide range of refrigerators, many of which come with built-in water filters for both ice makers and water dispensers. Unfortunately, as with any water filtration system, a GE water filter needs to be changed on a regular basis. The cost, easy, and quality of replacement is what can make to break the reputation of refrigerators with water filters. General Electric fridges are no exception. This article has surveyed dozens of consumer reviews and offers you the average, overall impressions from fellow consumers like you.

Most GE fridges have an inbuilt GE water filter with a wide range of quality designs and prices. On the lower end, this simple activated carbon water filters are relatively inexpensive and filter out visible particles, the calcium carbonates that produce cloudy, gritty “hard water,” and counteract the unfortunate byproduct of chlorine sterilization of municipal water supplies-mainly, water that tastes and smells bad. At the other end of the spectrum, some General Electric refrigerator models have expensive, high quality reverse osmosis GE water filters. Reverse osmosis technology filters water at the molecular level, straining out almost all known contaminants.


Consumers reviews of General Electric refrigerator and its GE water filter feature are overwhelmingly positive. GE refrigerator and GE water filters consistently score between 4.6 and 5.0 on a five star scale. People who own General Electric refrigerators with a GE water filter rave about the great tasting water and ice they produce, which they use for both drinking and cooking. The water volume appears to be excellent. Not one review could be found where General Electric refrigerator owners complained about running out of filtered water from their refrigerator dispensers.


The duration of a GE water filter is also better than most filters. They need to be changed roughly every six months. Consumer reviews, however, report having to change filters as often as every three months, and as brita vs mavea rarely was every year and a half. This presumably has more to do with the refrigerator owner’s rate of purified water consumption rather than the quality of the GE water filters.


The vast majority of General Electric refrigerator owners seem happy with the price. Several different GE refrigerator models use the same filters, and a single three pack of water filters will last customers for well over a year. Customers who use these fridges have an automatic filter change indicator and they seem very pleased with that feature.


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