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Secrets to how singers control their voice using airflow and breathing

It is not possible to sing professionally and well. You need to have a lot of talent and practice. It is possible to learn vocal technique. You must learn how to properly control your airflow if you wish to become a singer. Although it is easy to learn how to breathe correctly, it takes practice. As I help my students explore proper airflow, the key principle that I teach them is to breathe in and stomach out. Allow your stomach to protrude when you inhale. Improve Airflow is directed towards your abdomen. People send air to their chests, but to sing, air is sent to the abdomen.

A Majestic Voice Makes Breathing Foundational

You will see immediate improvements in your voice and singing ability once you master correct breathing and airflow. Your voice will hold more notes, your voice will sound fuller, have a deeper tone, and be more versatile.

Three Tips to Master Airflow

  • Stand with your feet slightly apart and practice your breathing.
  • Allow your stomach to expand as you inhale.
  • While lying on your back, practice using your stomach to breathe.

The Vocal Coach

This is how I explain it to singers when I coach them: Proper breath support is key to great singing. This helps to keep your larynx stable. Stability in the larynx can help you to improve your singing voice, increase your vocal range, and protect your voice against damage. Remember that the diaphragm is a muscle sheet. It runs horizontally along your midsection. Instead of using your chest/ribs, you should use your stomach to inhale. You will be able support your voice if your stomach is able extend as you inhale.

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