SEO Tools – The Case For Paid Tools Over Free Ones

If you are interested in SEO tools, you’ll find that you have two options – free tools or paid tools. There are some tools out there that are free for everyone to use, allowing you to check out your back links, the measure various things on your site, and some that even do keyword research for you. However, in many cases, you’ll actually find that the paid tools are often much better than the free ones. Why? Well, here are just a few reasons that make the case for paid tools over free ones.

Paid Tools are Often More Reliable

One of the first reasons that you’ll find that paid tools are often more reliable is because you’ll usually find that they are more reliable than free tools are. There are few incentives for the authors of free tools to make sure that they are always working as they should, but because paid tools actually collect money, they make sure that they are reliable and fixing any problems will pay for itself.

Accuracy is Better with Paid Tools

You’ll also find that accuracy is often much better with paid tools. Those who come up with free tools usually don’t have the motivation to come up with improved sources that make the tools better. People who have them are more motivated to keep on top of accuracy of their tools, since they’ll hear about any accuracy problems from their customers.

It’s More Convenient to Use Paid SEO Tools

Usually most people find that it’s a lot more convenient to use paid SEO tools. Many times one site will have all the tools that you need when you go with a paid option, making it easy to use all the tools that you need, group seo tools since they are all at one convenient site.

Integration is Much Easier with Most Paid Tools

When you deal with free SEO tools, you’ll find that you have different ones across the web, and this can be frustrating to deal with. Also, you can’t take all these free tools and then integrate them all together. With paid tools, you’ll usually find that they are much easier to integrate together so you don’t have to spend time jumping from tool to tool on the internet.

There is More Support Available for Paid Tools

Last of all, one of the top reasons that paid tools are often the better choice for SEO tools is because there is more support available. Usually there is little or no support available for the free tools out there today. However, the tools that you have to pay for usually have great support that will provide you with the help that you need within about 24 hours or less.

So, as you can see, the case for paid SEO tools is a strong one. This is not to say that you can’t find some great free tools out there. However, most people find that there are many great advantages to going the route of paid tools.



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