Small Town – Should I Start a Mobile Car Washing and Detailing Type Business

The best time to start a mobile auto detailing and car washing business would be in the spring, before summer, that is in most areas, except for places in the sun-belt states where the population drastically increases in winter, places like AZ and FL for instance. Still, I was recently asked by an auto industry career man if he should start a mobile car wash now in fall of 2012. My answer might be of value to you also, if you are thinking of the same.

Now then, he lives in a small town with well-under 20,000 in population and they have all the seasons there, and the region is known for it and it gets very cold, in fact, I’ve been to the city myself, yes in the fall, and the nights are cold, and the winters later are harsh – day or night. So, I explained to him that,
“I am not completely sure this is a wise idea due to the weather issues where you are.”

And also explained that; it might be climate prohibitive to clean and detail cars outside during winter months. A town of 16,000 is fairly small, so that’s tough unless it is a suburb of a larger city. There might be a reason no one is in business doing this there you see, as he explained there wasn’t any mobile competition cleaning and detailing cars? Still, he knows his town and area best, so it makes sense to consider all this.

Let’s say he decides to go for it anyway? Well, he wants to know where to start? If you are wondering the same type of question, here is my advice to you my reader; if you choose to do something like this, you might see about getting some equipment, there are folks that make little trailers with equipment, one in Pittsburgh area, several in FL, some in CA. Or you could buy equipment to put in the back of a pick-up that often works well, many vendors online.

If you have an e-Reader, or you can I suppose download the Kindle Software free to read e-books, then I have noted quite a number of “how to books” on auto detailing there. Not so much mobile car washing, although they are similar business models, which means information about either sector of the industry should be fine. So, that might be another place to get more information to decide if you really want to do something like this. Please consider all this and think on it.

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