Survival Fitness… Instinctually Create a Body That Performs As good as It Looks!

Most people, Guest Posting at some point in there lives, decide that their bodies, and their capabilities to perform tasks with those bodies, are lacking… and they seek to rectify this through physical training.

This “knowledge” that they are not the best they can be, and that they better do something about it, does not stem just from mass media propaganda… but it comes from someplace deep down inside.

This is the survival of the fittest instinct.

To have the physical abilities to survive, flourish and excel in our natural environment, and the lean, hard and muscular body that exemplifies these abilities, is not a vain, survival food selfish desire… but one of the most basic, primal instincts that we all share.

Instinctually we all know that the quality of our lives is governed by the law of survival of the fittest.

Why We are Naturally, Instinctually Drawn to Physical Training

We have all heard of Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest… where the best suited for survival in their natural environment will flourish and pass their good traits on to future generations.

Well, this process of natural selection finally paid off…

Around 100, 000 years ago, humans reached their evolutionary peak… evolutionarily speaking, humans were equipped with all the biological tools necessary for survival in the natural environment.

Our bodies reached a point where it could not only survive in a cruel, harsh and demanding environment… but flourish in it.

At some point along human history, human intelligence intervened and we learned how to control our environment.

Our bodies and the biological mechanisms that allowed us to survive for thousands of years remained unchanged… while the environment in which we lived and our way of life changed dramatically.

Our body does not want to give up those hard earned evolutionary gains, and even though our environment is less demanding… it stubbornly remains prepared for the worst.

Ironically, those very same survival traits when placed in a soft, undemanding environment of little physical activity and paired with poor nutritional habits and overabundance often lead to undesirable physical traits, poor health and lowered survival ability.

We are our best, healthiest and happiest when we live in an environment that challenges us regularly, forcing our bodies to adapt in a positive manner to overcome those challenges easier in the future.

Instinctually we “know” this… and that is why we are drawn to physical training.

The survival of the fittest instinct is always present, haunting the deepest reaches of our mind… spurring us on to improve the physical abilities necessary for survival.

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