Sustainable Financial Planning Leads to Safe And Secured Future

101 Guide on How to Start Personal Financial Planning in Singapore

Interesting to note that at times the financial advisor or financial planner can offer better rate when you purchase a product (other than superannuation). Lambert Philipp Heinrich Kindt In case of superannuation the monthly or yearly deduction usually remain specific or in accordance to the offer document. Offer documents are the terms, conditions and disclaimers provided while the financial product/ scheme is offered or sold. The Sydney financial planner can go for bulk buy and sale of specific financial products on offer, for this they might get better discounted rates. Besides there are several tax benefits and advantages which professional Australians can go for, the financial planner can assist to know about the ideal investment plan.

Monitoring the market with periodical technical analysis is carried on by the financial advisor. So it is heartening that once the investment is done it is regularly tracked and monitored. In case the invested amount is not increasing as per plans the investor can shift to another lucrative plan. Professional fund management involves expertise, knowledge and short, long term investment experiences. Being a layman it is challenging to poses all these specific skills. For this dependence upon the specialists is at a rise. It is best to know the details of own financial planning while making any sort of investment. While using hard earned bucks it is prudent to know month wise investment amount, price of each unit of the corresponding shares.

With advent of advanced technologies, our country is fast becoming westernized with a strong influence of financial freedom waving the country. Every individual is busy in chasing his/her dreams towards becoming financially free and one vital step towards this aim is apt financial planning investment.

There is no trace of nervousness or anxiety in folks who are currently employed but after the employment phase is over, folks start wondering about their financial status and how can they lead a life not depending on anybody.

This leads to a situation where people are forced to lead a life with reduced standard of living after retirement. A situation like this can be easily avoided if professional services of a financial advisor in India are hired before adieu time. Life won’t become dependent and distressed if proper planning is done regarding to financial status and future planning.

Financial freedom is achieved when one is able to live in his mean without earning an active income. In other word, one’s passive income is more than enough to support his desired lifestyle. Passive income is defined as income earned without one actively involves in the income generating activities, while active income is income earned that requires active involvement in the income generating activities. A person who is financially freed, can choose to work or not as long as he wants but still live in his desired lifestyle – indefinitely.

The need to financially plan your life well in advance arises because of the unstable and turbulent market timings. With inflation rising steadily year after year, the prices of essential products are rising progressively. The same product which we bought at a price in this year is bound to get pricier the next year but post retirement life would not see a rise in income level. This reason may also lead folks to take up financial investment planning well in advance.

Another reason which poses as a hindrance for people to aptly plan their finance is the notion that apposite financial planning requires huge capital investment. This is not completely true as no sum is small enough that it cannot contribute to financial planning. One can seek counseling and services of a Financial Advisor in India to devise a plan which are specific and custom suited for their type of needs and requirements.

It is imperative to consider factors like years of tenure left in a profession, current income, liquidity, safety, putting aside finance for future uses. Tax advantages etc. It is always better to start young when it comes to financially plan your life. Plan your goals well in advance and start working towards it. Investing in property is one of the lucrative and alluring means to invest which will reap rich dividends in future.

Suppose there is a professor somewhere in Rajasthan who is going to retire in a few years and haven’t started financial planning of his future life. He needs to consult an expert financial advisor in India who can proffer him with a wide variety of ideas as to where to invest. Some of the advices might sound like this investing in property around Jaipur or affluent bharatpur investment etc.

If you have successfully completed the action plan to become financially free – total additional passive income that is more than enough to cover your desired lifestyle expense. Then congratulation! you have made the first of a thousand steps to achieve financial freedom. You may start to work on the steps defined immediately. Along the journey, you need to constantly review your progress by referencing the action plan. For easier review, it is also a good idea to come up with an exhaustive check list of steps or items that are done or to be done.

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