The Benefits of BMW Bluetooth Integration

It’s possible to get greater functionality from your BMW vehicle, as well as greater convenience and safety with BMW Bluetooth integration. It is no secret that use of a cell phone while driving can be hazardous to your safety and that of others – and increasingly, this practice is being outlawed throughout the nation. Using this technology, the main danger of using a cell phone while driving is eliminated and you’ll be able to make outgoing calls and receive them without ever having to touch your actual cell phone!

About Bluetooth

Bluetooth (named for a Viking king who brought the entire Scandinavian Peninsula under his rule for a short time during the Middle Ages) is an industry-wide standard, electronic protocol that allows a range of different digital devices to “talk” to each other without the need for cumbersome, tangled cords. These run the gamut from personal computers to game consoles today, but the earliest use of Bluetooth was to integrate cell phones into automobiles, so drivers could use these devices without having to take their hands off the steering wheel.

BMW Bluetooth integration means just that – you’ll be able to use your cell phone while keeping your eyes on the road and maintaining control over your vehicle. No physical connection between your cell phone and your vehicle is necessary.

Features Galore

this allows you to control your cell phone using  bluetooth audio module nothing more than your steering wheel and radio controls. You’ll be able to go though your digital phone book, dial numbers and adjust the volume easily and safely.

If your cell phone supports such features, you can also display information on your BMW’s dashboard console and even activate it using voice commands. By using a quality kit from a reputable audio dealer means you’ll never miss an important call just because you’re listening to the radio. Whenever you make an outgoing call or receiving an incoming one your cell phone mutes the programming playing on your sound system at that moment.

Easy and Affordable

An audio factory pre- assembles each integration kit from genuine BMW parts. These kits use the original OEM wiring and come with clear, step-by-step instructions. With virtual “plug-and-play” capability, you’ll have your vehicle ready for “hands-free” cell phone operation in minutes.

The kits come completely compatible with your existing equipment, as long as your vehicle is not equipped with BMW Assist (this must be removed before installing a new kit). BMW vehicles that were not originally manufactured for the U.S. market must also have a factory installed phone system or “Option 640” pre-wiring.


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