The Best All Rounders in Cricket Around the Globe

All rounders are the back bone of any cricket team in the modern game due to its fast pace and the need of not only specialists but people who are jack of all and master of none. Every country has their scouts who are always on the lookout for some exceptional talent so they could be developed into great all round cricketers and can play a pivotal role in the success of their team.

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Jacques Kallis is one such name that  Pakistan super league 8 2023  has dominated the modern game not only as an exceptional batsman but as a fine bowler who has helped his team South Africa escape defeat a number of times. His uncanny knack of scoring centuries when they really matter, taking splendid catches and his crisp bowling makes him an integral part of the South African squad. Richard Headley, who is probably New Zealand’s greatest all round cricketer was later knighted for his brilliant contributions towards the game of cricket. Nick named “Paddles”, Richard Headley is to date the highest wicket taker for the kiwis in test match cricket and is remembered for his breath taking spells of swing bowling. Being the first ever bowler to reach 400 wicket’s he was an exquisite batsman too. He had over 3000 test runs and eventually ended up with 431 test scalps to his name.

Imran Khan, the legendary all round cricketer of Pakistan has been probably the player with greatest impact on the local cricket scene than any one else. Ian Botham was England’s answer to all the critics who thought that English cricket team was focused around specialists. He enjoyed his fair share of controversy both, on and off the field and yet enjoyed a charismatic career with 14 test centuries and 383 wickets against his name. For his exceptional contribution to the English game, Ian Botham was Knighted and currently enjoys his time commenting on cricket with the Sky media group.

At the end of 1970’s, Kapil Dev made his Test debut against Pakistan cricket team and roared on to the cricketing map as a promising pace bowler with a fierce leg cutter in his artillery. India was seldom known for producing pace bowlers but defying all odds Kapil Dev was not only the first Indian to take 400 test wickets but produced some magical innings with the bat that has given him the fame that he currently enjoys within the cricketing ranks. Having played under the influential leadership of Imran Khan, Wasim Akram matured gracefully not only as the ‘Sultan of Swing’ but as a hard hitting batsman who has a superb double century to his name in a test match. During his illustrious career, Wasim Akram enjoyed a lot of respect amongst the masses and played a monumental role in Pakistan’s victory in the world cup 1992. At present, he enjoys his time as an active media person with TV show hosting and regularly commenting on the game of cricket.

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