The SWTOR Trooper: Read Wisely

The SWTOR Trooper, being aligned with the Galactic Republic begins his or her journey on the planet of Ord Mantell. Because of the nature of this class, we find that the Trooper uses heavy weapons which consist of anything from rifles to two-handed cannons. Of course, the SWTOR Trooper needs an energy source; Bioware has assigned the Trooper what is known as Ammo.

Ammo, being able to regenerate itself at the rate of 1 ammo block per 3 seconds can actually be generated more quickly as this class has special abilities available. The Trooper can take on just about any role that is needed at the current time and is considered an expert at being a Tank or a high damage dealing enemy. Just in case this is not enough for your game play experience, Bioware has also assigned this class as a healer if it needs to be.

Should you choose to embark on your journey with the SWTOR Trooper, you will stem from a small elite squad known only as the Havoc Squad. Being known primarily for their military precision and amazing fighting skills, this group is considered the special forces of the Old Republic.

Advanced Classes

The Advanced Classes are listed as Commando and Vanguard.

Commando: Commando’s have a small amount of offense but has an 17 wsm ammo extremely large amount of defense. Having this high amount of defense enables the Commando to use brute force to achieve victory. The Brute Force that is employed by the Commando means that they have Assault Cannons which seem to define the exact definition of Brute Force.

Vanguard: Vanguards, having special fighting skills are highly equipped defensively and survive almost 100% of the time, no matter the situation.


The SWTOR Trooper also has access to quick melee attacks, blaster rifles, and grenades. Much like the rifle, these added weapons run low and need Ammo to reload. The Ammo reloads based from what you have left in your inventory.

Having ¾ amount of ammo left over means that you will reload at 75% speed. Having only ½ amount of ammo left means that you reload at 50% speed. Your tune will have an ability known as fast reload which can offer a fast recharge.

Class Missions

The class mission are always some of the most important missions due to the reward outcome. The missions for the Trooper are below:

  • Hit the Ground Running
  • Best of the Best
  • The Spy
  • The Ambush

Going through and completing these missions will mature your SWTOR Trooper and mold him to your ideal character. Because they are class missions, they are somewhat more important to your tune in that they will advance your tune in your journey.

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