The Trouble With Facebook Marketing Programs

Do you want to guarantee your business success and start getting new customers from the internet? Then become a master of social media and Facebook marketing. A seemingly simple thing like a Facebook FanPage can make all the difference between success and failure of your business. You must get started now.

You need to know the tricks to get the most out of Facebook with minimal disruptions to your marketing plan. You need to know the rules because Facebook has a lot of them, and they can change at any time.

Failure to follow the rules can lead to disaster. Here is a list of the top problems, pitfalls and potential mistakes in Facebook Marketing:

You must have the proper company administrator for Facebook marketing, and you must have a transition plan for administrators. Only the designated administrator can update your Facebook pages.

You must have a plan and procedures in place to deal with changes in Facebook technical details, layouts, programming interfaces, and friendfilter extension setup details. Otherwise Facebook will change something and you won’t even know about it until it is too late.

When Facebook goes down, you must be able to react so it doesn’t hurt your business. The problem many businesses face is not having a contingency plan.

Be careful about what content you post because Facebook has a legal right to use it in any way they want. Posting the wrong content can lead to major problems for this reason.

If your account becomes disabled there is no way to retrieve all of the content you have posted. You must have contingency plans for losing access as well as a content backup plan.

Not only must you know, understand and abide by the Facebook Terms of Service, you also must be prepared for CHANGES in Facebook terms. You have to have procedures to monitor and react to these changes.

You have to devote the proper amount of time to understand Facebook features such as: Facebook Applications (apps) Facebook Ads, Facebook Fanpages, Facebook Contest rules, Facebook News Feed, Facebook Analytics (metrics), Facebook Groups, Facebook Profiles.

If you don’t understand these Facebook features you will not be able to capitalize on Facebook’s incredible marketing power. This will cost you money.

You must know the difference between a profile page and a fanpage, and how to use them in your business. Many unsuspecting small businesses put their business information on their profile page which is a major mistake with big ramifications.

Facebook is a place to communicate with and engage customers, clients and prospects. If you treat it like any other marketing and advertising medium you may actually LOSE business. This is your biggest risk of all. You should interact with people on Facebook like you do every day with people around you.

You have to understand how to make a great Fanpage and use it properly. For Example:

Your FanPage must be properly customized with your logo and information. Your FanPage title will reflect your business so choose it carefully. Your FanPage must provide your fans with relevant content. You must continually engage – even entertain – your fans. You must learn how to be interesting so people will follow your page. You must provide a variety of content and “mix it up” to sustain reader interest.

These are the guidelines you need to follow to avoid major problems and pitfalls in Facebook.

It is well worth it to follow these guidelines and make the most of the incredible marketing and advertising potential you are offered today by Facebook. I strongly recommend that you get professional help today so you can start getting new business from Facebook tomorrow.

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