Things to Look for When You Book an Executive Car Hire Company

Executive cars are a great way to travel in style around London, no matter if it’s getting business clients from one place to another or celebrating a birthday or achievement.

The main difference between an executive car and a taxi is the comfort and luxuries and peace of mind that your chauffeur is there to provide you with any added comforts to help make your journey more pleasurable.

What you probably didn’t also know is that Black Cabs, when on a Corporate account, are up to 40% more expensive than using an Executive Car Hire Company complete with Chauffeur service!

Here are 5 things to look out for when booking an Executive Taxi:

1. Make sure you book a car that is plenty big enough for your party. Executive Taxis tend to be over sized cars anyway, offering more leg room for the customers. But remember to take into account the number of people traveling in your party. Is a standard luxury car OK or do you need to consider an MPV?

2. Are the Chauffeurs PCO registered?  輪椅的士 PCO stands for Public Carriage Office. The PCO are controlled by the Transport for London.

3. Do the Executive Car Hire company cover your area? Most companies will take you wherever you need to go but it’s also best to double check when you make the booking.

4. If you are booking your Executive car for business guests then make sure there are no hidden extras that you need to pay. Most car hire companies are up front with their costs but it’s always worth making sure. If you can, book your exec taxi on a business account.

5. Are they wheelchair friendly? If you have the requirement for a wheelchair friendly car then make sure you check with the car hire company upon booking. They might be able to recommend a specific model of car that fits your requirements.

These are just 5 simple items that you can check when booking our executive taxi, which means that when the taxi arrives you and your colleagues can travel in comfort, stress free to your destination


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