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Wardrobe Makeover

Are you bored with your look? Do you often wonder how some people manage to look so fabulously put together all the time? Well first of all they make an effort and secondly they have weeded their wardrobe of clothes that do not suit them. You would find that the more you buy quality clothing that Techwear Clothing flatters your shape and colouring the harder it is dress badly.

You have to make an effort if you want to revamp your style. Many of us are not fortunate enough to participate in shows such as Extreme Makeover or be taken on a shopping sprees by Trinny and Susannah of “What not to Wear” or be helped by Gok Wan on “Gok’s Fashion Fix” to put together a capsule wardrobe.

So short of a Gok Wan makeover what do we do?
1. Keep abreast of the latest fashion trends by browsing magazines to see how the models and celebrities are dressing. Mind you, not every fashion trend will suit your age or body shape. Being brutally honest with yourself about what looks good on you is crucial but don’t confuse that with lack of confidence in your body shape and type..

2. Learn the art of accessorizing. Fashion accessories are key when putting an outfit together. These include anything from shoes, ladies handbags, necklaces, bangles, brooches, scarves etc. Fashion accessories can usually pull an outfit together transforming it from nice to fabulous or wow even.

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