What Information Does Dark Web Contain?

Digging into the Dark Web: How Security Researchers Learn to Think Like the  Bad Guys | Threatpost

Surface web is used by most common people! No special permission is required to use it! Within this, we all do our daily life tasks – accessing social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp, streaming videos, booking tickets of any kind and playing online games, etc. Its websites index on search engins such as Google, Yahoo and Bing through which 暗网 sites on the surface web can be accessed! But you will be surprised to know that all this happens only under 4 to 5 percent of the entire Internet! Surface website is only 4-5 percent of the entire Internet! Not everyone can access deep web sites, only those who have the username and password of that site or specific link to that sites! Deep website is mostly used in government offices, banks and companies etc.

Deep web can also be called the internet of personal information because the data of any office, bank and companies that is on the internet is personal data, that personal data cannot be searched on search engines like google. Only those who have access to that personal (personal) data can have the username and password of the site of that personal data or have a specific link to access that site, just like any person’s personal account on the internet like – Facebook account and Gmail account etc. It all comes under Deep Website because only those people who have the username and password of that account can open these accounts! Deep web is about 96-97% of the internet, so Deep website is considered to be the largest part of the internet! There is only one type of deep web called Dark website.

Nowadays, there are a lot of rumors about the Dark Web that running the Dark Web is illegal, the Dark Web is only for hackers and not everyone can use the Dark Website. So friends tell you that running the Dark Web is not illegal at all. Every person who can use the internet can also use the Dark Web. Although it is not illegal to use the Dark Website, it is illegal to commit wrongdoing or any kind of crime on the Dark Web.

To access the dark web, a special browser is needed called TOR Browser. The full form of TOR is the onion router. Dark Web websites cannot be accessed by normal browsers (eg Chorme, Internet explorer and Monozila Firefox etc. ) on browsers because the websites of Dark Website do not have the same domain as. com,. in and. net etc., but rather the Dark Website. The domain of websites is in. onion. Therefore, to open Dark Web websites, a browser named TOR Browser is required.

First, let us talk about the surface web. The part of the Internet that we can easily access. Can use easily. And that appears in the search result. This is called Surface website. You will be surprised to know that, only five percent of the Internet is within the surface website. For example, if you search in Google the knowledge Code, then you will have gyansanhita. com and many other results in front of you. Similarly, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many other websites are easily accessible. So the part of internet that is easily accessible in this way is called Surface web.

Now let’s talk about the deep web. Winning has also been search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing are all international companies. But the country in which they have to work. They have to obey the laws there. Internet information in India comes within the technology. In which this rule has been made, that no search engine will index any illegal website or any secret website. Because of this, if you search any secret website in Google or any search engine, then its results will not be shown to you. Such as RAW is a secret agency of India. If you search its details in Google, you will not get any result.

Let us now see what the dark web is? The dark web is a dark and dangerous world of the Internet, where no rule is considered a rule, no law. All kinds of illegal works are done in the dark web. Drugs are bought and sold in the dark web. Weapons are sold and sold. There is all kinds of smuggling. You can even give betel nut to someone’s murder. As Heatman is a website, you can give betel nut to anyone.

But he has some rules. For example, the person you are giving betel nut to should not be less than sixteen years old. Secondly, there is a list, in which some countries have names. It has been written in it, that you cannot give betel nut to any leader of these countries in the heatman. In the dark website, all transactions are done in crypto currency. Such as bitcoin, LiteCoin and. So all such illegal works are done through the dark web. So it is not easy to access the dark website.

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