What Should You Eat Before Running For Races and Exercise?

If you have become a bit more serious runner, you might have noticed a bit of a crash while running longer distances. Many times this is because the body is lacking some of the fuel and energy that it needs. Eating the right foods can help your body have the energy that it needs to make it through longer runs.

What are some good foods to eat before longer runs?

The best foods to look for are ones high in complex carbohydrates. Most people prefer eating something like pasta. The reason that carbohydrates work the best is because they are slow burning. This means that you will have access to this energy over hours as opposed to a quick burst like you would with something high in sugar. It’s a good idea to eat these at least 3 hours before your run so that the food is partially digested. Also don’t forget your water. Being hydrated beforehand goes a long ways.

What should you avoid eating before running?

Stay away from foods high in fat and high in sugar.  먹튀커뮤니티   These won’t provide the energy you need. Many healthy sounding foods are just sugar. Avoid energy drinks as well since they are just sugar and caffeine.

What should you eat before running for exercise?

If you are running for weight loss, then loading up on carbohydrates beforehand is going to kind of defeat the purpose since you will be burning mostly what you just ate as opposed to extra fat and calories to lose weight.

Some people just drink water and go out for their morning run. Others have a hard time doing heavy exercise on an empty stomach. Eat something like an apple or banana beforehand. Also peanut butter on bread or toast will work. It’s just enough food to keep you from feeling extremely hungry for that morning run.


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