Writing Articles – Easy Ways to Sell Your Writing Services

Want to sell your writing services? Writing articles is an easy way to promote what you do. You’re using your natural skills to build your career. Not only will you get jobs, but you’ll also get known, so that people approach you to work with you.

When you use articles for promotion, each article you write is an advertisement for your services. It’s hands-down the most cost-effective way of advertising online. It costs you little, except some time and energy. Don’t begrudge this; each hour you spend writing articles results in an increased income.

Here are two tips which will help you to sell your writing services using articles:

1. Article Marketing: Each Article Acts As a Promotional Tool

The big benefit of articles over other forms of advertising is that the articles stay online, attracting buyers. I’m still getting sales from articles I wrote way back in 2001.

Anyone who’s considering hiring you, will search for your name online. They’ll read your articles diligently. The more articles the better; they build your credibility.

However, your articles aren’t solely promotional. They must also provide useful information: your advertisement is in the bio at the end of the article.

2. Promote your Articles on the Social Networking Sites

Once you’ve written them, you can promote your articles in many ways. One of the easiest ways is on the social networking sites.

Over the past year social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have become very popular. Although their primary use is for social interaction, they’re being used for marketing too.

When someone gets to know you on best essay writing service reddit a social networking site, they’re more likely to pass your name around to people they know, and to hire you themselves when they need a writer.

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